Sandbox is a special Naninovel WebGL build that you can use to try out the engine features before purchasing Naninovel on the Asset Store. It uses Google Drive as a remote resources provider, which you can use to store the in-game resources (character sprites, backgrounds, music, etc) and write naninovel scripts using Google Documents.

How to Use

A Google Drive account is required to use the sandbox. You can get one for free at

Proceed to to load the WebGL build. Upon first start it'll ask to authorize with a Google account; select account connected with the Google Drive you wish to use with the sandbox. If you're concerned about safety of your drive, create a new drive account to use with the sandbox.

After authorization you'll be redirected back to the app. Press HOW TO USE button and then UPLOAD DATA to create a NaninovelSandbox folder in the root of your Google Drive along with a set of sub-folders to store naninovel scripts, characters, backgrounds and audio assets; readme.txt files will also be uploaded inside each of the sub-folders explaining how to add the resources and use them in naninovel scripts.

After uploading the data navigate to your Google Drive, drop the required resources to the corresponding sub-folders and write naninovel scripts using Google Documents (documents should be created in the Scripts sub-folder). Return to the app and press a refresh button in the script navigator panel to load the created naninovel scripts.

Video Guide

Check out our video guide for the step-by-step tutorial on how to set up and start using Naninovel sandbox.

Last Updated: May 23, 2019