Will I get access to the source code when I buy Naninovel?

All the engine source code is available in the distributed package. A couple of third-party libraries are pre-compiled, but they're open-sourced (MIT license) with sources hosted on GitHub.

Can I use Naninovel as a drop-in dialogue system for an existing game?

While Naninovel is focused around traditional visual novel games the engine is designed to allow integration with existing projects. If you're making a 3D adventure game, RPG or game of any other genre — you can still use Naninovel as a drop-in dialogue system.

Be aware, that in most cases such integration will require C# scripting (or visual scripting) in varying extent. See the engine architecture overview to get a grasp of how Naninovel works and integration guide for more information on the integration options

Is it possible to embed a mini-game to Naninovel?

Sure, you can freely "inject" any custom logic to the default Naninovel flow. In most cases, however, this will require using the engine's C# API (via either writing custom C# scripts or using a visual scripting solution). Check the engine services guide for the list of available open APIs, which allows interaction with the engine; you may also make use of state outsourcing, custom actor implementations and custom commands in the process.

How to customize the title (main) menu: add background, music, effects, change buttons, etc?

For the UI part (changing/adding buttons or panel layout and style) use the UI customization feature; for everything else set Title Script at the scripts configuration menu (Naninovel -> Configuration -> Scripts) and use script commands to setup the scene just like when writing a scenario. The title script will be automatically played when entering the title menu.

How to add a line break to the message?

Check out [br] command.

I'd like to use backgrounds with a non-standard resolution (eg, 2048x1024), but they look cropped.

Set Reference Resolution at the camera configuration menu (Naninovel -> Configuration -> Camera) equal to the backgrounds resolution. Also, make sure the background textures are imported with the correct settings (eg, Max Size is high enough).

How to handle different aspect ratios of the target platforms?

For standalone (PC, Mac, Linux) builds you can select the available aspect ratios in the player settings; for web, consoles and mobiles you can't force a specific aspect ratio and have to adapt for the target devices instead.

Given the source textures (background sprites) of a specific resolution, the only options to "adapt" them for a different aspect ratio are: resize (will distort the image), add black bars or crop. The least noticeable option is to crop, obviously. Naninovel will automatically do the cropping, when Auto Correct Ortho Size is enabled in the camera configuration menu and display aspect ratio is different from the Reference Resolution aspect set in the same configuration menu. The auto correction will ensure, that the user won't see any black bars or distortions, no matter which display or device is used to run the game.

To manually handle the aspect ratio differences (eg, if you prefer to add black bars or resize the images instead of cropping), disable Auto Correct Ortho Size option in the camera configuration menu. You can then control orthographic size of the camera used by Naninovel with CameraManager engine service.

How to run a custom C# code from naninovel scripts?

Use custom commands.

Can I request a refund?

As specified in the Asset Store EULA, which all Asset Store customers have agreed to, all sales are final. This is due to the physical impossibility of returning digital products.

You may, however, request a refund if you think the asset is not as advertised. In this case, please contact the support and describe which features are missing or what is working not as expected. Make sure to include links to the official web materials (store page, website, videos) that in your opinion doesn't represent the actual product.