Writer-Friendly Visual Novel Engine


Comprehensive Tools

Get everything you need to create a full-featured visual novel: text printers, skipping and auto-advancing, save-load system, characters voicing, transitions and special effects, conditional story flow and much more.

Document-Based Scripts

Designed for scriptwriters, naninovel scripts allow developing complex text-based adventure games using familiar text editors. Write stories, not code!

Advanced Visuals

Powered by Unity game engine , you have all the power of the modern GPU at your disposal; create your own unique visuals or use any of the multiple built-in effects.


Optimized to work great on all the modern platforms: desktop, mobiles, consoles and web browsers. Create once, publish everywhere!


Provides open APIs to inject your own implementations of the engine systems, add new custom features and integrate with existing projects.

Community Modding

Games built with Naninovel can be easily modified to add new scenarios, resources and localizations. Open your games for the players to create their own stories and grow the fanbase!