Why Naninovel?

We strive to provide a robust and extensible solution to build anything you imagine: from classic VNs to complex non-linear dialogue systems integrated in standalone games of any genre.

Comprehensive Tools

Get everything you need to create a full-featured visual novel: text printers, conditional story flow, save-load system, special effects and much more.

Document-Based Scripts

Designed for scriptwriters, naninovel scripts allow developing complex text-based adventure games using familiar text editors. Write stories, not code!

Advanced Visuals

Powered by Unity game engine, have all the power of the modern GPUs at your disposal; create your own unique visuals or use any of the multiple built-in effects.


Optimized to work great on all the modern platforms: standalone and mobile devices, video game consoles and web browsers. Create once, publish everywhere!


Provides open APIs to inject your own implementations of the engine systems, add new custom features and integrate with existing projects.

Community Modding

Games built with Naninovel can be easily modified to add new scenarios, resources and localizations. Open your games for the players to create their own stories and grow the fanbase!

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Customers Feedback

Hear what Naninovel users are saying.

Wonderful tool to use!

I find Naninovel very useful for different kinds of multimedia projects. It has the right combination of tools I need: cohesive framework; comprehensive API; good scripting support; integration with Unity.

By dmcvocation

Simple for newcomers, deep for experts

This asset is very user-friendly and won't require much programming if any at all for the most simple and usually most common visual novels. However it can be customized and expanded upon for more specific cases, making it overall a very versatile tool.

By CMartinezB

Easily The Best Visual Novel Maker Around

I've been using Naninovel for a few weeks now and I can say without a doubt that it is the defacto standard when it comes to creating visual novels in Unity. There are other VN tools in the asset store but none of them even come close to the ease of use, features, and support delivered by this product.

By unitylover

Excellent tool - just keeps getting better

Developer is very active and responsive; they're the easiest to contact developer I've had opportunity to work with on the Unity Asset Store. The mini-scripting language used to write Naninovel Novels is straightforward and, once you pick up and understand a few of its quirks, painless.

By Firgof

Excellent VN Engine for Unity

Naninovel does away with the node-based workflow of many other tools, replacing it with a very clear, readable script style approach to writing dialogue and directing the scene. It is similar Ren'Py in this way, but without the python formatting. It goes above and beyond many other VN/narrative tools for Unity with built in visual novel features, such as history log, rewinding (!), automatically advancing text, skipping, etc... I absolutely love this tool and highly recommend it.

By sunlabyrinth

Best VN tool in the store!

I have tried many different visual novel solutions for Unity during the past years and no question about it: Naninovel is the best of all of them. It uses a simple script language that won't be too much a trouble to understand once you start working with it.

By Beru

Excellent, genuinely

I've tried every VN asset I could get my hands on, and this one is by far the smartest and most friendly to a novice like myself. The documentation is thorough and the support is EXCELLENT - I was missing one feature from this, allowing players to input custom variables like names, and the developer added it after a short conversation.

By rockcandygames

Best VN-engine out there! User firiendly & powerful

Being a professional 3D Artist I really appreciate the wide range of ready-made effects that can be applied to the backgrounds and characters, and the ease of animating & manipulating the character sprites. Auto voicing is also super feature if you have voice overs! Ready-made (and configurable) game save slots are also a must.

By MikBo

The best visual novel solution to date!

Naninovel uses its own language called Novel Script that allows you to write your story and game in a .txt file using simple and intuitive commands. Combine that with an easy to use GUI, and you're creating scenes for your visual novel in mere minutes.

By unity0137

Amazing Visual Novel asset and an awesome dev!

Naninovel is a Visual Novel engine with excellent and easy implementation of VN staples like audio transitions, controls like Skip/Auto/Log/Save/Load, scene avatars (both 2D/L2D and 3D), background images/videos, image effects, character shakes, positions, and tons more.

By Skyguy1337

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