Be aware, that the engine is currently in beta development stage. There is a high probability of changes that could lead to incompatibility with the previous versions, require to re-write the scenario scripts or re-setup the configuration assets. Please take those risks into consideration when planning to use the engine for a project in production stage.

Unity Version

While in beta, with every new Naninovel release we're targeting the latest available stable (not an alpha or beta) Unity version. You can always find supported Unity versions per Naninovel release on the GitHub releases page.

In case you need an older Naninovel package, which supports some previous Unity version, you can request one by contacting the support; be aware, that we won't be able to provide any support for the previous Naninovel versions.


All the engine features are implemented using cross-platform APIs and are expected to be compatible with all the platforms Unity can target.

The following platforms were tested for compatibility:

  • Standalone: PC, Mac, Linux
  • WebGL
  • iOS
  • Android
  • UWP (IL2CPP scripting backend only)

Managed Stripping

"Medium" and "High" managed bytecode stripping profiles are not supported. Either disable the stripping or use the "Low" profile (set by default).