Requirements and Compatibility

Unity Version

Due to complex nature of the engine, only the latest LTS (long-term support) Unity version is officially supported. Newer versions from the TECH stream could still work, but it’s not recommended to use them in production, as it could take us a while to fix possible compatibility issues.

At the moment, Unity 2018.3 is the minimum supported version; when 2018.4 is released, we'll stick with the initial LTS plan.

Be aware, that .NET 3.5 scripting runtime is not supported and is being deprecated by Unity. Make sure .NET 4.x Equivalent scripting runtime version is set in the player settings before importing the package.


All the engine features are implemented using cross-platform APIs and are expected to be compatible with all the platforms Unity can target.

The following platforms were tested for compatibility:

  • Standalone: PC, Mac, Linux
  • WebGL
  • iOS
  • Android
  • UWP (IL2CPP scripting backend only)