Unity Version

Minimum supported Unity version is 2019.4; this won't change throughout Naninovel v1.x releases. Support for new releases from TECH stream is added once they're out of beta.

It's recommended to stay on the latest 2019 LTS stream to minimize production risks.


All the engine features are implemented using cross-platform APIs and are expected to be compatible with all the platforms Unity can target.

The following platforms were tested for compatibility:

  • Standalone: PC, Mac, Linux
  • WebGL
  • iOS
  • Android
  • UWP (IL2CPP scripting backend only)

Render Pipelines

Unity's scriptable render pipelines (both URP and HDRP) are supported with some limitations and require additional setup; see render pipelines guide for more information.

Managed Stripping

"Medium" and "High" managed bytecode stripping profiles are not supported. Either disable the stripping or use the "Low" profile (set by default).

Last Updated: June 11, 2020