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Custom Actor Shader

When rendering most of the actors (characters and backgrounds, except generic ones) a special shader is used to handle semi-transparency overdraw and support various transition effects.

You can override the default shader by assigning a custom one to Custom Texture Shader property available in the actor configuration menu.


Be aware, that the shader is expected to have specific properties; check default shader Naninovel/Resources/Naninovel/Shaders/TransitionalTexture for a reference.

When actor is represented as a sprite on a scene, Custom Sprite Shader property is available (the case for non-generic implementations when they're not rendered to texture). By default, a simple unlit transparent shader is used; in case you want to implement lighting or surface effects, assign a custom shader to the property.


Check the sample on GitHub for an example on how to create and use texture shader ↗ for adding custom transition effects and sprite shader ↗ with lighting and self-illumination support to simulate time of day for a background actor.