Custom Actor Implementations

Actor is a scene entity defined by a name, appearance, visibility and transform (position, rotation and scale). It can asynchronously change appearance, visibility and transform over time. Examples of actors are characters, backgrounds, text printers and choice handlers.

Actors are represented by IActor interface and its derivatives:

  • ICharacterActor
  • IBackgroundActor
  • ITextPrinterActor
  • IChoiceHandlerActor

Each actor interface can have multiple implementations; e.g. character actors currently have four built-in implementations: sprite, diced sprite, generic and Live2D.

Actor implementation can be selected in the configuration managers accessible via Naninovel -> Configuration context menu. You can both change default implementation used for all the actors or set specific implementation per actor. To change default implementation, use Default Metadata property and to set specific ones, use an Implementation drop-down list in actor's configuration.

Default Actor Implementation Actor Implementation

Implementation drop-down list contains all the types that implements specific actor interface. You can add your own custom implementations and they'll also appear in the list. See Naninovel/Runtime/Actor scripts for a reference when creating your own actor implementations.