Managed Text

Managed text feature allows to manage (replace) various text elements used throughout Naninovel like the in-game UI and characters' display names using localizable documents.

To generate the managed text documents, use managed text tool accessible via Naninovel -> Tools -> Managed Text context menu.

Managed Text Tool

Using "Select" button, select path to store the managed text documents (should be ./Resources/Text by default) and press "Generate" button to create the documents.

Each line in managed text document is an expression in the following format: Path: Value, where Path is the path to the text variable and Value is the value of that variable. For example, here is the default contents of the "UITitleMenu" document, which corresponds to the title (main) menu UI:

Managed Text Document

You can edit the values and the changes will be applied on the next run.

Enabling Delete unused property will remove records in the managed text documents for variables that doesn't exist when running the generate managed text task.

Localization variant for each managed text document will be created automatically when running the generate localization resources task; see Localization for more info.

You can add your own managed text variables and they'll be included to the generated documents. For this just add ManagedText attribute to a static string field in any C# script. Its value will be overwritten with the value specified in the managed text document on engine initialization.