# Movies

Movies are videos played on top of the scene via IMovieUI UI, halting script execution and user input processing while being played.

Before starting playing a movie a fade-in to the specified fade texture (solid black by default) is performed. When playback is finished, a fade-out from the fade texture to the scene content is performed.

Player can skip movie playback with a Cancel input (Esc by default for standalone input module); binding can be changed in input configuration menu.

To add, edit and remove movie resources use the movie manager accessible via Naninovel -> Resources -> Movies context menu:

Manage Movies

You can use any video formats supported by Unity.

Movies playback behavior can be configured using Naninovel -> Configuration -> Movies editor menu; for available options see configuration guide.

Use @movie command followed by video clip name to play a movie from the naninovel scripts:

; Given an "Opening" video clip is added to the movie resources, play it
@movie Opening

By default, played video is fitted to 16:9 aspect ratio to prevent stretching. You can change this behavior by overriding IMovieUI UI. Aspect Ratio Fitter component attached to MovieImage game object controls the fitting behavior.

# WebGL Limitations

Due to platform limitations, video playback on WebGL possible only in URI streaming mode. When building WebGL player, all the movie resources will automatically be copied to Assets/StreamingAssets directory. Make sure your web hosting is configured to allow local file access from the player build directory.

If you're using a video format other than mp4 (eg, webm), set the extension of the hosted files via Video Stream Extension property in the resource provider configuration.

Last Updated: August 7, 2021